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NEW December 27, 2010- Random Roshi will now be doing reviews, news, and about technology. A new blog will soon be posted on the latest tech news! The theme of Random Roshi will be technology from now on. Also check out our partner Tech Status on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/TechStatus. 

NEW December 26, 2010- We are back! After one year of no updates we have decided to keep running the website. We had many factors preventing us from updating and keeping up with the site which have now been resolved! Please accept our sincere apology for not keeping you informed. 

December 23,2009- Thanks to Michael Balangue, Random Roshi is introducing a new feature called Playlist Music. Listen to music and add songs to the playlist. Playlist Music can be found on the Playlist Music page. Check it out! Also, the position for RR's new editor has been filled by Blobbit. To know if you can have a position in the RR community, just tell us your member name using the Contact Us page and we will try to find you something for you to do so RR can improve!

November 9, 2009- Random Roshi has updated Clubs. There is a new Random Roshi Fan Club. You can now comment on entries by the club. If you are the administrator you can post the blog entries and even manage the club. For more information go to the Clubs page.

November 4, 2009- Random Roshi would like to announce that we are trying to get the process of opening a Random Roshi store. In this store you can purchase items. One item you might be able to purchase is Random Roshi t-shirt. This t-shirt will feature our logo or say randomroshi.webs.com. We will not know the price but we will post it here on the latest news section. If you would be interested please email roshanbhoj@yahoo.com or use the contact us page. Thanks

November 1, 2009- We would like to announce that all technical difficulties are over. Random Roshi is now back online as normal. We should not face any more problems in the future. Thanks

October 31, 2009- Random Roshi would like to say Happy Halloween! As we have said before we are facing some technical difficulties. This is preventing the side bar which should be to the right to show up. We will have it up and running as soon as possible.

October 29, 2009- We sorry for any inconvenience but we are experiencing some technical difficulties which were preventing us from updating Random Roshi. We will try to fix this problem as soon as possible but Random Roshi will be limited on site updates. To get site updates emailed to you all you need to do is to subscribe to the Random Roshi Newsletter. If you are already a member you will automatically receive the Newsletter unless you have unsubscribed. If you would like to subscribe and you are not a member you can go to the bottom of the page and you will see a box which say subscribe to my site. Fill out the information and you will receive the Newsletter. Remember that subscription is free. We would also like to let you know the Spore Hero Creator Contest submissions are still excepted. For more details look below News and Updates.   

October 2, 2009- Random Roshi has another great contest that is in the process. As you might have heard there will be a new Spore game called Spore Heroes. There is a online Spore Heroes creator where you can create your very own Spore creation. Here is the address for the creator http://www.spore2d.com/ .  All you will need to do to get your creature submitted is send the creature as a postcard to your own e-mail. Then right-click on the postcard from your email and click on Save Picture As. Once you have the picture saved to your computer send the photo attached to an e-mail to roshanbhoj@yahoo.com . We will do the rest. If you would like some more help you can use the contact us page. An example made by the Random Roshi administrator can be seen in the photo gallery  under the Spore Heroes Creator Creations category. The winning entry will be posted on the Random Roshi homepage. Please use the contact us page to tell us if you are interested. All details will be posted on this homepage soon so check back soon as possible.

If you have any questions or comments e-mail me at roshanbhoj@yahoo.com or you can use the contact us page.

Anybody and Everybody Painting and Drawing Contest WiNNer!

 By Michael Balangue of Tulsa, Oklahoma




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